March 9-13: Pillow, God gave us a good revival meeting. God’s Spirit was encouraging and refreshing His people. 

March 14: Home Mission board meeting then a GMYC board meeting in the evening. The kingdom of God is being expanded by work of these boards. 

March 15-16: Recovering from the flu. 

March 17-22: Administrative work, I called a lot of ministers to set up a preaching schedule at our Shamokin Church. Rhoda’s father passed away. I was involved in a conference call board meeting with the Crusader’s board. God is helping Rev. Christian Claycomb and the board to develop some profitable and exciting ministry opportunities.

March 23-26: Family was in for Dad Caster’s viewing and funeral. My father-in-law, Bill Caster, was a great example to all of us for being faithful to God and his work. He fixed parsonages, worked at churches at home and on mission fields. He loved to give to Bible Schools, Missions, Camps and to local church projects. Most of the time he gave anonymously.

March 28-31: Administrative work, traveling with the president notes, and attended the Revival at Sunbury where Rev. Mike Avery was the evangelist (Deeper Life series) and Durkee’s were the singers.

April 2: I went trout fishing, caught 8 and brought home my limit, which was 5. I filleted them and gave them to our son Chad who likes to grill them.

April 3-9: Sermon prep and scheduling of services for Camp Hill and Shamokin. I made a trip to Ohio to go to the viewing and funeral of my cousin, Benita Peters, who died unexpectedly at age 48. She loved God and served him and others faithfully. 

April 10: I preached twice on Palm Sunday at Shamokin. 

April 11-18: Penn View Bible Institute board meeting. President Durkee has done a great job at the school. He was voted in for another three-year call. I tried to visit Rev. Tillis in the hospital, but he was still in a procedure. So glad he made it through and is doing well. I was privileged to preach Easter weekend Revival Services at our Lancaster Church. God is working through the Hartman family and their new Assistant, Pastor Darren Fisher. 

April 19-21: Penn View’s Missionary Convention-Compelled by Love. Rev. Don Rains was greatly used by God to challenge all of us to love people. His fishing illustrations where powerful in their applications. I was privileged to go to three services and watch 2 live streamed. I also had a General Board meeting to open ballets and other business. I called the pastors with the election results.

April 22-24: Lebanon, GMC Youth Revival. Rev. Joel Sickler and all involved did a great job running the services, meals, and activities.

April 25-May 1: Administrative work, Penn View’s Auction, President Durkee and I got sad news that Sis. Denise Shaffer, one of our pastor’s wives had passed away unexpectedly. We went together to Rev. Solomon Shaffer’s house to talk and have prayer. We then went to see her husband, Bro. Nathan Shaffer, in York. I preached at our York Church on Sunday. God helped Pastor Nathan as he greeted his people and led the service. God dispensed his grace in a special way. 

May 2-8: Pension Board and preached twice at Shamokin. Vice President Rev. Jeremy Fuller and I met with leaders of the Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection to discuss God’s work. I also participated in a prayer walk at our headquarters building. It was National Day of Prayer. Thanks to Sis. Denise Fisher for leading the way. We went to the viewing and Funeral of Sis. Denise Shaffer. She was a Proverbs 31 Lady! A great friend, mother, grandmother, wife, and pastor’s wife. Thanks to all who showed up from her church as well as the conference. A great crowd came to support the family. We will miss her!

May 9-14: Home Mission and Penns Creek camp board meeting. I preached at Camp Hill and met with the church people to discuss pastor possibilities. Rev. Hunter Anderson and I went fishing together for crappies. Great evening with him catching over 50 and me over 90. We also talked to him about the possibilities of him pastoring in his senior year. I went to Sis. Dickens funeral, Rev. Rob Dicken’s mother. She was a tremendous saint of God who loved and witnessed to everyone. 

May 15: Shamokin (AM) & Rebersburg in the Afternoon. The highlight was the Dedication Service of the new Rebersburg church building with 240 in attendance. Unbelievable transformation of the church and fellowship hall. They are debt free! Well done, Rev. John Zechman and church family!

May 16-21: Administrative work and sermon preparation. I took Rev. Will Black, a Beavertown internship pastor, out to eat and to talk of God’s work. God is using him. I also went to Lisa Brinks funeral. She used to be one of our pastor’s wives. It was great to talk to her son, Tom. Rhoda and I went to our granddaughter’s (Lily) 5th grade graduation at Penn View Bible Institute. The next day Rev. John Peabody did a great job speaking to the H.S & College graduates. Well done students and Staff!

May 22-29: I will speak five times at Shamokin during this time. Thanks to nine other preachers for helping to fill the pulpit at Shamokin. They have a couple trial sermons coming up. Thanks for your prayers for them and us. Please be praying for our churches that are open for pastors.