I have prayed with many people who at one time were doing well spiritually, but fell along the wayside. I have asked many of them the same question: “Are you having your devotions regularly?” Not a single one of those people has told me yes. Without exception, every single backslider I have talked to has told me that they became careless in their devotional life. I have come to realize that if we become lazy about reading our Bible and praying each day, it will not be long until our spiritual health begins to suffer.
Dennis Kinlaw said, “I have never known an effective Christian who did not have a regular, consistent devotional life. I have heard exciting testimonies, but they have not endured if the person did not establish daily time in the presence of God with His Word.”
During GMYC 2021, Denise Fisher spoke to several people and shared her burden for a devotional book for youth written by conservative holiness people. Her burden was presented at the close of the youth camp, and many of the adults who were there committed to write. Over the last year, sixty-four GMYC staff members contributed to this project and helped that dream become a reality. It took a lot of prayer, study, and hard work. But as a result of their dedication, we were able to present every young person at GMYC 2022 with a 365-day devotional book titled Against the Grain. We believe it will be especially effective because every one of the daily readings is authored by common, ordinary people that the youth at GMYC already know—their coaches, referees, and other staff members. But the usefulness of Against the Grain is not limited to teenagers. It should prove helpful to adults as well. Pastors will find numerous sermon illustrations and even “sermon seeds”. We pray it will be a blessing to anyone who reads it!
If you would like one of the devotional books, you will find them available for purchase at the Penns Creek Camp Bookstore.
Establishing a consistent daily devotional habit is one of the most important things any Christian can ever do. It may well be the single most essential thing you can do to have a strong and growing relationship with God.
You will never regret spending time alone with God. Why don’t you start making it a habit today?