HAITI – I Recently have been communicating with Pastor Gerald Dejour who is the national leader of God’s Missionary Church in Haiti. Pastor Gerald along with his wife and three ladies from his congregation operate a kindergarten school Monday thru Friday. He tells me they will have 42 children attending for the next school year. They feed the children and sometimes buy clothes for them. Some of the children are orphans and I am guessing they live with relatives. 

The following is a testimony from Pastor Gerald: (I have had to heavily edit it because of the broken English)

 “ I thank God because He has been blessing the children. The Holy spirit has been giving us revival in our congregation. Many have been saved. Day after day people come so that we had to borrow chairs form our neighbors. WE need Bibles for the people who have been newly saved. We have been worshiping in a make-shift cover with metal panels for a roof. It has gotten where we have become concern about building a real building because our congregation has grown and we are crowded and the temperature is very hot under the roof metal. When my wife and I were young, there was a missionary by the name of Bonnie Cleaver. She taught us and other children the Bible and how to sing. And would feed us every now and then. At Christmas time she would give us games and that made us want to come to church. We learned many Bible verses and God worked in our lives. Thanks to Sister Cleaver ’ s patience that today I can be called brother Gerald. I used to go to church because I was interested in candy and cookies but today I am interested in Jesus. We had a good example. We want to do the same and turn the children’s heart to God. ”

 Haiti is seriously affected by poverty and undesirable conditions and when it come to finances for running a school, there is never enough. Pastor Gerald has asked us to help him purchase school supplies for his students. He would like to give them a back pack, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc., which will take about $20 per student. If you or your church would like to help with this project, ( even at $20 intervals ) please send your offering to: GMC World Missions, 4065 Creek Rd., Millmont, PA 17845 and earmark it “Pastor Gerald ’s school”.

CUBA – July 2022—Sister Seymore writes:

Dear brethren in Christ Jesus, God bless you abundantly in the work of God.
I will tell you that the work of God continues in Santa Clara, we continue to preach the Gospel and bring new souls to the feet of Christ, we have five new souls who gave themselves to Christ, discipleship is being imparted to all of them so that they are ready to be baptized.
We have two sisters who have been reconciled to the Lord who are being given discipleship classes.
In our church we have eight discipleship classes in the week, and five cell groups where the brrthren meet to pray.
We continue with our normal activities such as prayer and worship on Wednesdays, Tuesday discipleships and cell groups, youth meet on Saturdays, Sunday School for children and adults.
The Fathers were honored in their special day, in short, the Church does not stop, we continue visiting the sick and needy, glory be to God.

MIAMI – The Miami Hispanic Mission has seen considerable growth in the past recent months.

Two families of four(each with two children)  have been new additions to the congregation. The adults have attended discipleship classes and baptized and the children dedicated.

Cristian and Maria have been attending for quite some time. Maria gave her heart to Jesus, was discipled and baptized. For Cristian it took much longer. Recently about 2 O’clock in the morning Cristian called  Pastor Ortiz under heavy conviction and asked for prayer. I am happy to say that he now too has found salvation in Jesus.

That is not all. There are two more, Nelcy and Maricela are also new additions to the congregation and are currently being discipled. 

We praise the Lord for what He is doing in our Miami church.

BELIZE – Rev. Aaron Gillett writes:

Hello one and all, we greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. First of all, we the Gillett family would like to express our deepest gratitude for all your continued support since we’ve been here in Belize endeavoring to do the Lords work.

We have been faced with many obstacles but God has been at work and is helping us to press on. One of those said obstacles has been a drop in church attendance but regardless of this, we continue to enjoy services blessed with the wonderful presence of God.
We would ask that you specifically pray for our youth. My wife and I along with another couple from the church have started a youth program where we have a devotional and play games with the young people.  It has been a success and we pray that some young person would be drawn closer to the Lord because of this. Thanks again for all you do. Lord bless. The Gillett Family.