August 8: Penns Creek Camp workday. So thankful for a great camp and all those who helped clean up!

August 9: I went to Camp Hill to preach and give a few instructions about who is to fill in until their new pastor, Hunter Anderson, comes in a few weeks. We’re excited to report he is going to Camp Hill.

August 10: Administrative work and travel notes.

August 11: Lewisburg Hospital, Rhoda and I visited Rosella Marie Hubble, the new daughter of Daniel and Roseanna Hubble – Congratulations! 

August 12: Administrative work and sermon preparation.

August 13-14: Delmar, went to preach and talk to the people about how to go forward without a pastor. God helped us to have a very good meeting and plan. Please pray that God will call a pastor to Delmar!

August 15-20: Administrative work, sermon prep, and attended the Elim Grove Camp. Rev. John Brewer preached a timely message on “The Beauty of Holiness”. Rhoda and I also went to the wedding of my niece Kiara and her new husband, Austin. Our prayers are with them as they begin this new journey together.

August 21: Penns Creek for the Installation Service of Rev. Allen Stump. We had the honor of preaching and praying a blessing for he and his wife. The church board also gave gifts to them as well. The church had a 30-year celebration of their Church building in the afternoon. Rev. Alan Walter shared memories and Rev. Barry Mason shared slides. Cathy Brubaker, Linda Clough, and my wife (PV Old Ladies Trio of years gone by) sang 2 trio numbers. Everyone who participated did an excellent job. In the evening I preached at the Sunbury Church.

August 22: PVBI orientation devotional. I shared on “Expanding the Kingdom”. We so appreciate the wonderful staff and faculty that God has given PVBI.

August 24: Visited Doug Gardei at PV so he could help me update the Micro soft program on my computer. Rhoda and I went to Rebersburg Church to pay our respects to Sis Marjorie L. “Tillie” Bennett. She was a wonderful, faithful saint of God and grandmother of Pastor Fred Bennett.

August 25-27: Penn View “Back to School Rally” and fireworks which were outstanding! Administrative work and scheduling services for Conference President visits.

August 28: Sunbury Church for the outside Church service with the Rev. Brian Fuller Family. God used them to be a blessing to those from the church and community.

August 29- September 3: Administrative work and sermon preparation for the Florida District Rally and Conference. I also enjoyed playing basketball at PV with Rev. Cade Davis, Rev. Rex Mc Dowell Jr. and PV students. Rhoda and I attended the Conference Wide Youth Rally.

September 4: Rhoda and I attended the Sunbury Church in the evening so she could accompany them at the piano while they sang the special song. Our three-year-old granddaughter, Mckenna, wanted us to come. They sang the song “You’re Still Lord”. That’s how I still feel! Today was my 40th spiritual birthday. 

September 5-12: FL District rally and conference. Rev. Aaron Hamilton preached on the rally night on Isaiah 61:1. Jesus’ purpose and plan should be ours too! I also preached at three of our churches while in Florida. 

September 13: Penn View School Revival Meeting, Rev. Jeremy Fuller was the evangelist and he preached about the two times he fell and one time he was stuck up high. A powerful message on the lessons that God taught the preacher.

September 14: Delmar to preach and have a meeting with some of the Church people.

September 16-17: Administrative work and sermon preparation.

September 18: Duncannon, I enjoyed the good adult S.S. class and the liberty in preaching. I also am thankful that God is helping the church with new people and a good number of them that are walking with Jesus!

September 19: Penns Creek, General Board and Missionary Crusaders board meetings today. I had about a 15-minute break between the two. 

September 20: Penn View Grandparents Day. I went to classes and even won (tied) my first spelling quiz game. Wonderful day! That made for a good laugh with my granddaughter, Lily. Chapel was great. Thanks, PV staff and faculty, for another job well done.

September 21-25: Pell City, Alabama for the School of the Prophets, and Future Pastors Conference. I was privileged to travel down with our Vice President, Rev. Jeremy Fuller. GMC.helps to sponsor this event so I was allowed to have 5-7 minutes to share about our conference with the ministerial students. 

September 26: Camp Hill, Hanover Camp Board Meeting. We reviewed the past year and planned for next year.  

September 27: Catawissa, Mt. Zion Cemetery, for the gravesite service of Glenda Wintersteen. A close friend of hers asked if Rhoda and I would share in the service.

September 28: Sunbury revival service. Rev. Rodney Loper preached on Eph. 5:18 “Be filled with the spirit” and “Christianity impacts every part of our life.”

September 29- Oct 1: Administrative work and sermon preparation. I also went archery hunting with my son, Chad. We had to quit early because of rain. (No deer).

October 2: Hanover, Thanks for your spirit of giving $510.00 to a family in need and then lifting a mission offering to help God’s Kingdom advance.