Recently Simon Kuman met with the General Board of God’s Missionary Church and was granted credentials from our conference. Brother Simon is from Papua New Guinea and he is presently here in the United States and returning to his country the first part of November. He is also a 2018 graduate of Penn View Bible Institute.

Brother Simon is doing a tremendous ministry in his country. I asked him to write a short paragraph with a description of his work:

“Greetings,  this is Simon Kuman of Papua New Guinea. I just want to give you an update of what’s happening in Papua New Guinea as far as prison ministry is concerned. The prison ministry began right after my graduation in 2018. Since then I am ministering to 1,700 prisoners every Sunday morning and Wednesdays for Dedication Services. I am staying busy. Out of those   1,700 souls 400 got saved right there in the prison, Praise the Lord!!!! The Lord is opening the eyes of the prison management and the CIS commissioner of PNG. A lot of prisoners are  on freedom on good behavior due to the change they see in their life after accepting Jesus. The spiritual program in the prison in my country is the  only rehabilitation program that is working compared to others that they do. I have 10 prisoner on freedom ready to go to Bible School in which 5 of them will go next year 2023. We do Food feeding and Cloths distribution and preaching. To God be all the Glory.”

I have asked Brother Simon to join forces with God’s Missionary Church World Missions Department in which he gladly accepted. So not only do we welcome him to our conference but also to the World Missions Department. 

We will be promoting Brother Simon’s prison ministry and helping him in raising financial support. He is now set up with our treasurer and with the bank to receive support. If you would like to help in this ministry, here is the support address:


 4065 Creek Road
Millmont, PA 17845

Please mark your donation, “Simon Kuman”. 

Thank you and may God bless you.

– Jose Cancio