We at Mount of Blessing Camp were blessed again this year with the presence of the Lord.

Everyday brought spiritual admonition, instruction, conviction and best of all great victories!

This past year the camp saw over $25,000 in property improvements including a new roof on the tabernacle and a major RV electrical upgrade.

Our annual operating budget, (not including property upgrades) was $25,000 and although we fell $2,500 short of reaching our goal we did receive 144 monthly pledges of $50. As well as non-budget donations and pledges of several thousand dollars to improve our outside restrooms and to completely rebuild the tabernacle platform from the ground up.

Our attendance was up again this year and our rooms and RV hook ups were full with 30 units on the ground for almost the entire duration of camp. We will endeavor to add more hook ups before next years camp. We also anticipate more cabins being built soon.

We thank God for those who had the vision years ago to purchase this property and start that first camp meeting in a tent with a sawdust floor. God has certainly blessed the camp through the years.

I am so grateful for the clear messages on careful, holy living from our evangelist! Thanks for your faithfulness Bro. Neville and Bro. Stetler! The songs from our song evangelist are a rich ministry in themselves. Thanks Donny and Valerie! The youth services are times of good practical Biblical instruction, thanks Eric! Our youth are precious and have been exemplary! Children’s Chapel is both encouraging and exciting! Wow what a great group of children, thanks Miss Clough!

Best of all the many victories around the altar make all the effort of camp meeting priceless. The atmosphere in the services and the movings of the Holy Spirit on the hearts of people are a testimony that God is clearly still interested in humanity.

All glory and honor and praise to our Triune God! Continued prayers appreciated.