Fellowship Camp 2023 was certainly another camp to be remembered.

Our evangelists Marc Sankey and Harry Plank preached with anointing challenging us to a deeper walk with God. The singing of the Mike Mayhle family lifted our spirits and pointed us to God. Attendance was up and the excitement of campmeeting could certainly be felt.

We had a great group of young people that were challenged by Will Black in our weekday afternoon services and evening devotions. Our children also enjoyed a VBS led by Esther Sweitzer.

The future of Fellowship Camp is definitely bright. God’s presence was sensed in the services as there were visible and audible signs of praise assenting to the truth being sung or preached. Wonderful times of activity were enjoyed by the youth and children and sometimes the adults. Wholesome fellowship and corporate prayer times were engaged in frequently.

The Lord allowed us to raise our projected budget of $20,000 as well as $2000 for our on-going project of remodeling our cabins. A year ago, we finished up completely remodeling our main restroom which almost seemed like an impossibility from a financial viewpoint, but God provided the $35,000 to do it through generous donors. Then we made plans to start remodeling our cabins. We replaced doors, windows, installed an AC unit in many of the cabins, and we are working on remodeling the interiors to make them more appealing to stay in. God has been helping us to make progress with this project.

The most important thing, though, about Fellowship Camp was the victories won. Several sought God at the altar and others found spiritual help as they quickly walked in the light God had given. We praise God for all that He has done.