May 6-7: Delmar, MD – I preached and had a congregational meeting. I shared about the new Pastor coming and plans to advance the church. 

May 8-9: Camp Hill, PA – Hanover Camp Board meeting. Camp Director, Rev. John Fisher and board continue to lead the camp with cabin and other improvements. I met with a pastor who is making a pastoral change.

May. 10: New Columbia, PA – I went to help with their church elections. Pastor Brian Spangler’s father was on hospice care.

May 12-13: Penn View Spring Auction – We appreciate Bro. Leonard Raub and all the others who make this a financial and social blessing to the school. I have also been developing a pastoral election rating sheet.

May 14: Helfenstein, PA – I preached both services on this Mother’s Day. This is my second Mother’s Day without my mom. So, I was glad to share a little in the sermon about her. We had a congregational meeting, and I used the pastoral rating sheet to help guide our process. 

May 16: Rev. Aaron Dorman and I met with Penn View ministerial students. Bro. Dorman informed them of summer opportunities for ministry. I reminded them that GMC is interested in them serving with us.

May 17: Lebanon, PA – they honored their 11 graduates. Rev. Barry Arnold spoke on making our lives count. 

May 18-19: Bremen, OH – Funeral for Ron Spangler, Brian Spangler’s father. His dad had a wonderful conversion and loved missions. He also loved practical jokes like his children. 

May 20: Administrative work and got to go fishing for crappies with Rev. Alan Stump and Rev. Hunter Anderson. We did well and had a great time together.

May 21: Beavertown, PA – Penn View Orchestra and Choir did a wonderful job ministering to all of us. 

May 22-25: Western District preparation. 

May 26: York, PA to visit Rev. Tom Ramsay who was in the hospital having some heart issues.

May 27: Penn View Graduation – Rev. Ron Coleman exhorted our Graduates to never quit. Congratulations to every graduate. Thank you, faculty, and staff, for a job well done!

May 28: Mahaffey, PA – to preach and visit with the Neidermyer family. My wife said, “They are so fun” as we were leaving.

May 29: Memorial Day. We celebrated with 20 family and friends at our house.

May 30-31: Administrative work and preparation for our Western District trip. Rhoda and I also celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary. 

June 1-5: Colorado Springs, CO – for our Western District Rally and Conference. Rhoda did the singing and I the preaching. God’s presence was manifested in a powerful way on Sunday Morning. 

June 6: General Board meeting. Rev. Eric Susan moved from local to conference license. We sure appreciate how God is using him as New Columbia’s Youth Pastor. 

June 7-10: Administration work, and a meeting with President Dan Durkee in preparation for a Penn View board meeting. I also went to our Youth Camp workday.

June 11: Beavertown, PA – to celebrate and participate in their Mortgage Burning services. The music and every part of the service kept us in a spirit of praise. God has done this miracle through the generosity of his people.

June 12-16: I went straight from a Penn View board meeting to our GMYC youth camp. A record-breaking attendance of 286. God used Rev. James Plank as he preached on this year’s theme “Eternity”.  Many victories were won! I also had a funeral Thursday for a friend of mine from Sunbury – Rafael Alequin. 

June 17: Scheduling for Conference President visits. 

June 18: Northampton, PA – we appreciate the Kiscadden family keeping the church doors open. 

June 19: Home Mission Board meeting – It was great to have Rev. Dominic Gattone there for our meeting. Dominic also helps at our new GMC church in Milford, Ohio.

June 20: Beavertown, PA – Funeral for Roger Moyer. He will be missed especially at our Sun City Camp. 

June 22-24: Rhoda and I attended the funeral of Warren Brubaker from the Sunbury Church. I went with VP Jeremy Fuller to an auction for a house right across the street from our PV property. We were the highest bidder so this place will be the conference property when it all gets settled. 

June 25: Coopersburg, PA – it was special to be with Rev. Van & Pam Dorman. We had a great meal with them and some of their church family.

June 26-28: Sunbury, PA – Rev Ryan Martin was elected in as Senior Pastor. I did some administrative work also.

June 30 – July 26: I went to 16 camp services: Mt. of Blessing, Hanover, Beulah, Kids Camp, Ono Camp and Oakland Mills Camp. There are new projects and new people being saved and established. I made a trip to OH for the viewing of Rev. Keith Bunch’s dad. I also visited in the hospital four of our own people: Sis. Martha Zechman, Sis. Michelle Durkee, Sis Ruth Cooley and her husband, Rev. Timothy Cooley. I was privileged to preach at the Gospel Center. Rev. Barry Arnold (one of my heroes) and I went out to eat and visit after the service.

July 27: God’s Missionary Churches 88th Annual Conference. In my study of GMC conference president messages, I discovered Rev. Paul Miller and Rev. George Straub both preached on St. John 17 three years apart. I shared their comments and a few of my own on unity and God keeping us during the conference message.

July 28- August 6: Penns Creek Camp. God moved in an incredible way. Several people said to me, “one of the best.” Rev. Nathan Purdy, Rev. Brian Spangler, and Rev. Jeremy Fuller preached with God’s anointing. The altars were lined several nights with people seeking and receiving victory! The music ministry of the Mike Mayhle family and Marilee Barnard was such a blessing to God’s people.