God moved in an incredible way throughout the whole camp meeting. Several people said to me it was, “one of the best ever.” Our three evangelists, Rev. Nathan Purdy, from Northern Ireland, Rev. Brian Spangler, and Rev. Jeremy Fuller all preached with a high level of God’s anointing. A lot of people were saved and sanctified. We were exhorted to walk in the spirit day by day. We, as Christians, can walk the path of Holiness by God’s grace. One afternoon service turned into a powerful prayer meeting for the lost souls of our communities.

     I appreciated how Bro. Randall Stratton led congregational singing. In one service God’s spirit so moved in our singing and worship that the altars were lined with seekers. The music ministry of the Mike Mayhle family and Marilee Barnard was such a blessing to God’s people.   

     Our children’s worker was Rachael Clough who did a great job. Several children were raising their hands during the songs. Rev. Matt Ellison was our youth evangelist. The reports came to us that he ministered effectively to our youth. 

     Penns Creek Camp has a bright future. There were many young people that played in the camp orchestra. They are using their gifts and talents for God. Even more important, for the future of our camp, is how many young people prayed for others around the altar. Thank you, parents, for your example. I was so blessed to see several children also praying for others. 

     Many of our young people also do a great job helping in the kitchen. Several helped us set up camp and put things up when Penn’s Creek Camp was over for another year.

     We thank God and his people for helping us reach the camp goal of $45,000. We went over by $4,500.  The people also gave generously to PVBI, World Missions, Home Missions, etc. and the airplane ticket money for the Purdy children.