Aug. 7 – Penns Creek Camp, Thanks to all who helped clean and put things away for another year!

Aug. 8 – Youth Camp Recap meeting. I met up with Karen, a friend of ours, who lost her daughter in a car accident. 

Aug. 9-11 – Funeral and sermon preparation

Aug 12 – Sunbury, PA Funeral of Laura Drumheller. Pastor Ryan Martin and I ministered together to over 150 in the service. We appreciated how we sensed God’s help to us and the family. 

Aug. 13 – Helfenstein, PA for the Installation Service of Rev Andy Cooley. The church family gave them two very nice lawn chairs, decorated the bulletin board, etc. There were 43 in attendance.

Aug 14-19 – General Board & Missionary Crusaders voted in Rev. Daren Fisher as our Missionary Crusader President. I scheduled a meeting for our General Board and our new Archive Board. I visited John Walter Jr. at Geisinger Hospital, Harold Knob at Lewisburg Hospital, Rev. Russ Witmer and Herman at their homes. 

Aug. 20 – Bewick, it was great to be with the Rev. David Wise family and church people.  

In the evening, my friend Bill who I met fishing, came to hear me preach at our Sunbury church. 

Aug. 21-26 – I gave a devotional for the Staff and Faculty at Penn View. Administrative work, PV Welcome Rally with unbelievable fireworks. FL District preparation for our conference. 

Aug 27 – Newport, PA it was exciting to have 53 in the service. Several newer ones are coming to the church. I also went to Hershey Medical Center to visit Rev. Alan Walter. 

Aug. 28 – Funeral for Justin Aurand. He was an amazing pianist. Please keep his family in your prayers. Rhoda and I met with one of our pastoral families. I also enjoyed playing basketball with the Penn View guys. 

August 29 – Sunbury, PA we gave some venison to Butch and Karen who lost their daughter in a car accident. I visited Herman, again, who is in hospice care. 

Aug. 30-31 – Middleburg, PA Rev. John Zechman and I went to the attorney’s office for the closing of the house that our conference bought in Penns Creek. I feel blessed to have many sermons from my former pastor growing up, Rev. Dallas Ford. I was reading and studying a few of them. 

Sept. 1 – Danville, PA Pastors Rev. Nathan Yohe, Rev. Robert Goodrich and I went to look at a property and discuss God’s work. They also took Rev. Jeremey Fuller and I out for some great pizza. Bro. Fuller and I also went to PV to meet with the appointed committee who oversee guiding our Campus Master Plan.

Sept. 2 – FL District preparations 

Sept. 3 – Danville, PA the pastoral team is working well with the people. There were 40 in attendance. Rhoda and I also visited Rev. Bill Herrick in the Geisinger hospital. We went to Sunbury in the evening to help surprise Rev. Ryan Martin and Rev. Nathan Black. The Sunbury church family wanted to give them both something to show support in their changing of their roles.  

Sept 4-11 – Rhoda and I flew to Florida for our GMC Florida Rally and Conference. Rev. Aaron Meriwether, Rev. Steve Miller and I spoke, and McIntire’s and Christner’s sang. We had great services and unity in our board meeting. I also preached at Seffner, Orlando, and Kissimmee.   

Sept 12 – Wesley Cressman family, missionaries to Spain, came to our home to visit with family and friends. Around 34 were present.

Sept. 13-16 – I visited the PV revival meeting twice. Rev. Keith Ledford preached a good message on Holiness. I visited Bro. and Sis. Henry Aurand who recently lost their son unexpectedly. Many of us know Sis Aurand has already been facing battles with ALS.  

Sept.17 – Penn View school picnic day.

Sept. 18 – Bloserville, PA it was great to be with the Rev. John Mark Fisher family again. I appreciated the new air conditioner system.

Sept. 19 – General Board and the Archive Board met to organize and plan together. We are excited to announce that Rev. Matt Killgore was elected as chairman by the combined boards. In the evening, I went to Camp Hill for our Hanover camp board meeting. 

Sept. 20-24 – Penn View board meeting and then I headed out for the Alabama Future Preacher’s Convention. Got home safely at 2:30 am. I went to church and then we enjoyed lunch around our dinner table with Jim and Sue West from MI.

Sept. 25 – Penns Creek Camp board meeting and played basketball with PV guys in the evening.

Sept. 26-28 – Administrative work, met with one of our ministers, and sermon preparation.  

Sept. 29 – Rhoda and I attended Kyle and Jessica (Hunter) Markle’s beautiful wedding.

Sept. 30 – Archery hunting with my son, Chad. I saw one doe. 

Oct. 1 – Mountain Road, for Harvest Home services. I was excited to help honor the pastoral team, Rev. Allen Stump family and Rev. and Mrs. Barry Mason. The church had a beautiful display of food. 

Oct. 2 – Missionary Crusaders board meeting. Bro. Daren Fisher and board are planning and working hard to engage our young people in God’s work and help them spiritually. 

Oct. 3-7 – Sermon preparation for a revival meeting in Ohio. I was privileged to be involved in a baptismal service with the Sunbury Church. There were eight baptized, including my friend Bill, who I met at the river several months ago. 

Oct. 8 – Lebanon, PA the church honored the pastoral team and then had a special meal together. In both settings the church people kept sharing different ways the pastoral team had been a blessing to them. They do a beautiful job of decorating also.

Oct. 9 – General board meeting. Exciting news-Calvary Community Church in Summerfield, Florida has joined us. We welcome them to our Conference!