On August 19, 2021 I traveled to Guatemala to explore the potential of a new mission’s work for God’s Missionary Church.

The church and the pastor who hosted me are located in a town named San Juan Alotenango. I met Pastor Alex and his wife Doris fourteen years ago when they were newly married. They have been pastoring this church with the attendance of about one hundred people most of their married life.

Pastor Alex was trained at the bible school in Guatemala City which is operated by the group called Emanuel. This is the same group from which our churches in the western district came out off and also our work in Brazil. This church has been independent for at least 13 years.

Pastor Alex and his congregation are in the process of a building project. They were able to purchase and empty lot in the town and although they have not finished the building, they are able to conduct services in it.

This congregation has a tremendous potential for reaching out for they have a financial base to take care of themselves and several young men who have been partially trained for ministry.

Our goal with this church is to have a productive partnership in ministry. Our vision is to send short term or a long term missionary who is qualified to train leaders, teach church growth and, of course, evangelize. I will be visiting and working with them in the times to come.