Sept. 1-4: Administrative work, traveling with the President notes, mowing, and trimming at the headquarters building. Sermon and Florida preparations.  

Sept. 5: My plans were to be at Salamanca, NY and preach twice today. I received a call and due to positive virus contacts their services needed to be cancelled.

Sept. 7-14: Our plans were to be in FL for our Annual Rally and Conference. Due to positive Covid tests and contacts at two of our churches we needed to cancel the rally and reschedule our FL Conference and board meeting.

Sept. 7-14: IHC Central PA, I went to Penns Valley Church, Beavertown and two morning services at PVBI, the school’s fall picnic and Grandparents Day. I was also doing sermon preparation for the upcoming IHC in NC. Had a World Mission zoom meeting, Home Mission and Kids Camp board meeting.

Sept. 15-18: Archdale, NC (IHC). We appreciated how God helped. The evening crowds would not have fit in the church, so I thanked the Lord for the All-Purpose building that has been built and now in use. Thank you, Rev. Derald Hunt, and church family.

Sept. 19: Duncannon, it was wonderful to be part of their mortgage burning ceremony. I also visited Rev. Gerald Moore who was in the Lewisburg Hospital.

Sept 20-21: Ohio, the funeral service for Rev. Steve Stetler inspired all of us to use who we are for God’s glory.

Sept. 22: Penns Creek Camp Board Meeting canceled due to our treasurer being sick and another who could not come. It all worked out. I got a call not soon after I got home that my mom who was in the nursing home was not doing well. I left immediately and met my younger brother, Luke. I was glad to see her one more time and pray for her before she passed away at 2:20 am. I praise God that mom is finally free from the disease that had been her battle for many years. We will miss her greatly. 

Sept 23-27: IMF in AL and preaching in Gates, TN was in my schedule. I called and canceled those plans. I focused on family and funeral preparations.

Sept. 28-Oct. 3: Camp Hill Revival. It was wonderful to see Terry and Debbie. They were the first couple that I had ever married. God is working in their lives.

Oct. 4: Funeral for Rev. John Bowman. He was a man who loved to stand on his feet and testify to worship God. GMYC board meeting in the evening. Preparations are being made for a great youth camp.

Oct. 5-9: Administrative work, the intern from Beavertown, Clayton Plemons, and I visited together. We appreciate how God is creating a passion for souls in his heart. He is part of ICHA. I visited Rev. Gerald Moore in the hospital before his passing. I spent time in sermon preparation for Sunday and for Bro. Moore’s funeral. 

Oct. 10: Lebanon, PA – it was Harvest Home Day. We were there to help honor their Pastoral team. A lady who has started coming in the last few months wrote a tremendous poem about the Pastoral team. In the evening, we went to Rev. Gerald Moore’s viewing in Penns Creek.

Oct. 11: Funeral for Gerald Moore. I was privileged to preach his funeral sermon. Bro. Moore already had the scripture picked out (Psalm 24:3-4) and message written out. Please keep Sis Moore in your prayers. We also had a Missionary Crusaders Board meeting in the evening. 

Oct 12: Mowed at the headquarter building and prepared for my upcoming trip.

Oct. 13-16: Point Pleasant, West Virginia – the viewing of Sis. Betty (Rowley) Walter. She was a wonderful saint of God. Afterword’s, I traveled to Westfield, IN for their World Changers event. On Saturday, I went to the beautiful wedding of Cade and Marissa Davis. 

Oct. 17-18: Lancaster, OH and stayed with my cousin, Deb and Jim. Thanks for the great fellowship and place to stay. I also preached at their church Sunday night to give their pastor a break. 

Oct. 19 -24: Glouster, OH – a revival at the Fairview Holiness Church. It’s such an honor to preach in my dad’s home area. Nineteen of our relatives came to the meeting. Their support has been a great blessing to me. 

Oct. 25-30: I travelled home from revival. I also met with Rev. Rodney Keister about a temporary office at our Headquarters for his ministry. Administrative work and travel notes.

Oct. 31: Milesburg, PA – it was an exciting morning. There were 53 in attendance. God has been helping and one person has recently been saved. In the evening I went to the Glen Iron Pilgrim Holiness Church where Rev. Andy Cooley preached a good message on Heaven to close out their meeting. That’s the direction we all need to keep focused on.