Nov. 1-6: Administrative work and sermon preparation, I played basketball at PVBI with some college, staff and alumni. I also hunted and shot a nice 8-point buck with my crossbow. 

Nov. 7: Northampton, I filled in today for Rev. Donald Kiscadden and family who were sick. In the evening we went to the Danville Revival meeting where Rev. David Wise preached a good message. We appreciated how the Berwick church supported the revival with their attendance.

Nov. 8-13: Administrative work, Alumni Home Coming where Rhoda’s school group (Trio from ‘82-‘84) sang throughout the evening. We were all there to honor Bro. Barry Mason for 50 years of teaching at PVBI. Friday night was the Christmas Auction and it was great time of sales and fellowship.

Nov. 14: Millmont, we appreciate the good attendance and spirit in the service. A special thanks to Sis McMillian for the birthday cake she made for Rhoda. We all enjoyed it after lunch.

Nov. 15-20: Administrative work, Sun City Camp & sermon preparation. 

Nov. 21: Shamokin, I preached and then we took a tour to see all the work that has been done and needs yet to be done in the church and parsonage. A special thanks to the Fritz’s, Shawn and Lily. 

Nov. 22-27: Administrative work, Sun City Camp preparation, traveling with the president notes. It was great to have Rhoda’s parents and my dad here for Thanksgiving Day. Gun season started on Saturday. I went with my son, Chad and granddaughter, Lily. I shot a doe.

Nov. 28: Sunbury, for the Decommissioning and Rededication ceremony of the 820 Susquehanna Ave. church building. The new name of the building is “Founders Hall” reflecting to where GMC name came from in a prayer time at Caketown Chapel. It later became the Sunbury GMC. The church also wanted to honor Sis Virginia Hahn, the founding lady of the church in 1960.

Nov. 29-Dec. 6: Went hunting one day. We put on three deer drives. My son-in-law, Daniel and his good friend, Andrew, both harvested a doe. We had a profitable PVBI board meeting and a wonderful time at the PVBI Christmas meal with faculty and staff. We watched God working in a powerful way at the opening of the Star Lake G.M.C. There were 70 in attendance. Over 40 from the community have already visited. Thank you especially to Pastor Shane Hunter and family for all your labors and love for the people.

Dec. 7-11: Administrative work, Sun City Camp and sermon preparations. We attended a PVBI Christmas Businessmen’s Banquet and PVBI Christmas Musical called Redemption’s Story. God used both to make this Christmas season special.

Dec. 12: Lehighton, it was a blessing to be with the Rev. Todd Carter family and church again. 

Dec. 12: Beavertown, Christmas program, “Redemption – The Miracle of Christmas”.  We appreciated the message and the music of the program.

Dec. 13-18: I helped Rhoda with the G.M.C. Ministerial mailing. We also went to a beautiful Home Mission Christmas Banquet. God is at work right now among us. Thank you, Rev. Jeremy Fuller and family for a job well done. I also worked on my travel notes and attended our grandchildren’s Jackson & McKenna’s (twins) 3rd birthday party.

Dec. 19: Rebersburg, it was so exciting to be part of their first service in their new Church building. There were 55 in attendance. The Tim Cooley, Jr. family did an incredible job ministering in music.

Dec. 20-31: Administrative work, Rhoda and I visited Sis. Ruth Shaffer who suddenly lost her son, Steve. We had a beautiful Christmas with all our family and grandchildren present.  A lot of preparation for Florida District camp and I also wrote three youth articles. I am presently working on a new topic for a session at the upcoming Outreach and Bus Convention.